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Home Past SkyNats Skyline Nationals 2006 Review


This weekend would have to have been the best event I have ever attended.  I did not organise this event on my own, and I need to thank some people who, without their help, this would not have happened.
The Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club, For their commitment to the event, and pulling all the right strings.
Shepparton City Council, in particular, Mark Francis and Meagan Treacy. Without these 2 people, and the fact that the Council got right behind us, this event would have been very difficult. The council also donated the Eastbank Centre where we had our presentation dinner, as well as heaps of time, and other free venues.
Lions Club for their provision of Tea, Coffee, and hot food, as well as the marquee on both days.
Dan, Joel and others, who assisted in the logistics of organising the cars by type at the Show and Shine on Saturday.
Anthony (Anfz) for the Website design and changes.
Everyone, for behaving themselves, and doing the club, and everyone who attended proud.  I was super impressed with how mature we all were.
Acsplit, and Syphon, for putting up with my grumpy moods over the last couple of weeks, as everything started to get hectic. Gavin and Brett Strongman and Dean, for all the help on the race track. If you guys had not run that part of the event, it simply would not have happened. Big smooch for you.
All the kids for being amazingly well behaved.
Terry and Lauren Ashwood, Rod and Lorraine Markland, Dayle and Wayne Couacard, and once again, Gavin Strongman, for bringing those amazing race cars along, and not only showing them off, but showing us that they are bloody fast around the race track.
Hakim and CTIFLY, for his spur of the moment decision to bring the car up. Next to the race cars, your car was the next one everyone was talking about.  Hope you like the Watch mate.
Steve and the Band. Didn't realise you could sing and play the trumpet, (not at the same time lol). Man of many talents, and you guys are awesome. If anyone is looking for a good function band, these are your guys.
Alan and Karen Entwhistle, for their undying support and help, in the final stages of this. Extra big smooch for you guys.
And last but definatley not least, YOU PEOPLE for attending this first ever Skyline Nationals. I have read on here more than once, that those who didn't attend missed out. You more than missed out, this was truly a once in a lifetime event, to tell your kids and grandkids about. To everyone who did attend, winners are grinners, and heaps of R31 Skyline Club Members walked away with trophies. R31heaven, mate you missed out by 3 points on a trophy, but I have a special trophy for you, coz your car is looking a real treat, and is a real credit to you. To everyone else, especially the guys and gals who came from interstate, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!  What a massive effort to get all those people, and all those cars over.  Go the R31.  And Browny, there is such a thing as being too cute you know.

There will never be another 20th Anniversary of the Aussie 7th Skyline. But if you had to have one, this was the one to have. Perfect weather, perfect people, perfect event. Who wants to help plan the 25th?

Once again, thanks to everyone, WE DUN GOOD.