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Well if we thought the 2006 Nats in Shepparton was good, the 2008 event was even better.  After a last minute run to Winton to try and sort the track day out, we were forced to take the Saturday for our track day instead of the Sunday, which meant that we would all have to clean our cars after the track day to get to the show and shine.  No biggie we all thought.  Well, it turned out for the better, with a magnificent 23 degrees  on the track day, it was cool enough for the turbos, and warm enough for the NA cars.  And what a day.  Check out some of the shots on the Gallery to see just how great the day was.  With so many Gibson Motor Sport cars there, it was almost surreal to see them all lined up on the grid for their demonstration laps, with me a grid girl, and chequered flag operator staring the guys on their demo laps.  All in all, we had the Two Gibson R32’s of Terry Ashwood (Winfield Car) and Gavin Strongman (GIO Car), the HR31 of Rod Marklands, the DR30, (once gain Gavin Strongman, Lucky Bugger), Christine Gibson’s  Exa, now owned by Justin Nilsson,  the beautifully presented replica GTSR (genuine GTSR) of Wayne and Dayle Couacarde’s and Peter Rowlston’s promotional Turbo Bluebird, it really was a sight to behold.  Thank you to all of you guys for bringing your cars out for us to see.

We had an uneventful track day, and congrats go to all of those who got a podium finish.  It was certainly interesting with the spots we sold to the EXE Car Club, to see the variety of cars they bought out, which included a very different 350z with and Aston Martin front, some very warm Evo’s that put on some great flame displays, a few WRX’s and a variety of other interesting cars.  Thanks to these guys for picking up some spots that would have left the club financially challenged if you hadn’t of jumped on board.

So we all toddled off to dinner on Saturday night, and I enjoyed a lovely meal with The Marklands the Ashwood’s and my family on Saturday night, and hit the hay relatively early for an early start at the Lake on Sunday morning.

Things were looking very gloomy first thing on Sunday, and I was very grateful we had our track day on the Saturday, as to have held it on the Sunday could have proved nasty.  The rain held off until lunchtime, and then it bucketed down.  I don’t think there was a person there who was moaning about the rain though, as poor old Shepparton clearly needed it, as the lake, which in 2006 was full of water, was dry as a bone. 

Judging for the show and shine was performed very quickly, with the judging of the best four cars only being performed, as the weather was truly awful by the afternoon.

All in all, it was once again a great weekend, and the Sunday night presentation dinner was very well attended, with trophy winners aplenty, and a great meal again provided by the Eastbank Centre in the council buildings.

Huge thanks to Terry, Rod, Gavin and Wayne, Dayle and partners for bringing their cars to the 2008 nats.  All of these guys will also be attending the 2010 Nats in Adelaide, with the addition of Adam Workmans’s Turbo Bluebird, and my new addition – Another DR30 to the clan.  So the Gibson cars represented at the 2010 nationals will include – 2 DR30’s, 2 GTR’s, Two HR31’s, Turbo Bluie, The EXA, and perhaps one other.

I am very excited to be on the committee of another skyline nationals, and I look forward to the Adelaide event with great enthusiasm.  See you all there.